Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Featured Fabricator--Jenny of JS Designs Studio

  The Friday feature has been on hiatus for a while, but we are back this week with Jenny from JS Designs Studio.  I asked Jenny to introduce herself:

"I live in New Glarus, home of New Glarus Brewery, with my husband and three year old twin girls.  I currently create children's and infants' clothing and accessories, but I'm looking to expand into adult clothing a bit more this summer.  I currently have a home studio, and a shop I work at once a week to try to complete all my sewing projects."

I asked Jenny how she chose the name of her business.  "I took a long time to contemplate what I was actually going to use for a name.  I started out with children's clothing but I wasn't sure that was where I wanted to stay, so I figured that I better stick with my name...and that's how JS Designs Studio was born."

Jenny began sewing for herself and her daughters.  When friends saw her creations, they told her she should start making items for others.  "I honestly had friends begging for certain things I was making!  So I sent out an e-mail telling my friends I was thinking of opening an Etsy shop.  I had my first order later that day!"  The first of her creations logically grew out of being a mom.  "Almost everything I do is inspired by my girls and being a mommy.  I understand what little girls want and how to make them feel special."

Jenny's philosophy is "make things simple but special.  My best items have always been custom items that push me to be really creative.  I want things to be comfortable too, so I like things to be soft to the touch with lots of 'give'."

JS Designs Studio operates with customer service first and foremost.  "I am here to serve you.  I love to do custom items and they are where I shine.  I made a pilgrim and Indian princess costume for a photo shoot last year and it was great!  If you have something in mind, I can find a way to make it and in the will love it!"

When she isn't creating, Jenny is "too busy being a mommy and a nanny to do anything else!  Well that is not entirely true.  I love to read, garden, and just have fun with my family."  Her customers might find it interesting to know that she is very analytical.  "I am a very techy, math type person.  I really shouldn't be that creative at all, but somehow I make it all work."

Jenny told me that in her opinion, the best part of being an artist is having the chance to dream.  "I love that chance to just let my mind scream through a million ideas until I find the perfect one."

JS Designs Studio items can be found on Etsy at this link:  Customers can also find her on Tophatter, an auction site.  "There are several times a day I have things in standby so please come and find some great deals on my items.  I will be opening at least one more storefront in the next month or two but I'm still tryin got iron out all the details."

Thanks to Jenny for taking the time away from her twins and her growing business to answer questions for this feature!

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