Friday, February 1, 2013

New Feature: Monthly DIY Challenge!

Hello team! I am excited to announce we are starting a new Monthly DIY Challenge!
We will announce the challenge winner on the 23rd of every month. Only one winner will be chosen. The winner will choose the next months challenge theme and winner! The new theme will be announced before the 1st of every month.
Only members of the WIST Etsy Team can participate, but we love new members so check us out and apply HERE!

The rules are simple:
- Near the end of each month the winner of the previous months contest will be emailed and the winner will choose the theme of the next months challenge.
- Everyone else participating will put that inspiration in their DIY item.
- Decision for winner will be chosen based on uniqueness of item and if it follows the rules.
- Only one entry per person.
- Your item must be something you made after knowing the months theme. (So, nothing you had previously made and had posted but feel free to re-make things)
- If you'd like to post the challenge on your blog please use our button.

What do you mean "DIY item"? Glad you asked:

- A DIY (Do It Yourself) item, in this case, is something you will make with the months theme in mind. It dose not have to be something you would normally have in your shop, you don't even have to have a shop. It just needs to be something you made by hand using the months theme as inspiration.

If you have any questions:
You can email me (Ariel) at or contact me via my Etsy!


Februarys DIY Challenge Theme is: Love

Here is a few examples of items that might be inspired by love:

To enter:
First, you must post a picture (or pictures) of your entry on your facebook, facebook page, blog or as an item on etsy. A small description of what your item has to do with the months theme is optional.
Then, post a link to your entry as a comment on this blog post.
Entries will be accepted until NOON on Feb 22nd!
Happy Crafting!


Megan said...

My daughter and I marble painted paper with ball bearings in a plastic container. Then we cut hearts and snowflakes to hang a garland. See it on facebook here:
Love Garland

librariane said...

Got my entry completed and posted on my blog!

Mary said...

Done! Posted to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Finished! A tiny embroidery for those who can feel the love in unexpected places.

Ariel Gross said...

Beautiful entries everyone!

Check out the new blog post where I have announced the WINNER! :D