Tuesday, January 21, 2014

February DIY Challenge

Hello fellow Wisconsinites! I am Christine - your new DIY challenger! Since we got a late start to our February challenge because of the technicalities of changing duties, let's skip the traditional hearts and flowers routine and do something different.

I don't know about you, but I have been freezing my tuchus off lately in our cold climate, so I thought we could all use a warm-up. As a result, our next DIY challenge theme is FIRE ELEMENT.

So, get your creative juices flowing and make something centering on the element of fire or even warmth. I have posted some inspirational ideas below.
Orange Flame Enamel Earrings by DreamSpiralArt
The Prize: We're working hard to offer a prize each month. This month, I will donate my DIY creation.

You know the drill! To enter:
1. Post a picture (or pictures) of your entry on your facebook page, website, blog, or as a listed item in your Etsy shop.
2. Then, post a link to your entry as a comment on this blog post by noon on February 22nd.
Hand Dyed Merino Wool by SpinningMyWheelFiber

A quick review of the rules for any newcomers:- On the 22nd of each month the winner of the previous month's contest will be contacted and they will choose a new winner.- Then the winner  will be contacted and asked to choose the theme of next month's challenge.   - Participants will use the theme to inspire their DIY item.- Only one entry per person.- Your item must be something you made after knowing the months theme.- If you'd like to post the challenge on your blog please use our button.- Only members of the WIST Etsy Team can participate, but we love new members so check us out and apply! Any questions or suggestions? Want to donate a prize? Feel free to start a conversation with me at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Retroprocity
Felt Campire by aHeartforCrafts


Megan said...

My daughter and I were making prints by dropping paint on cardboard, laying paper over the top and peeling it back... this one resembled fire.


librariane said...

Oh man, I totally missed this--I would have participated for sure if I had realized the challenge was up and running again!